Building a Secure Future, One Metric at a Time

Simplification Community Engagement Informed Decision-Making

Encapsulates Metric Mosaic’s dedication to enhancing digital security through precise, metrics-driven insights.

Introducing Mosaic Platform & Metrics Exchange

Streamline Your Cyber Security Metrics and Unify Collaboration

Mosaic Platform

This software platform is the one we all need to collect, store, analyze, and visualize our metrics. It collects data from any source, computes complex metrics, and allows visualization with over 50 different widgets.

Build and use multiple custom dashboards for yourself, your managers, and your subordinates. Define alerts for metrics that fall below or exceed certain thresholds. Gain insights from your metrics with minimal effort.

Metrics Exchange

Get inspired with metrics that your peers are tracking, instantly download and start using. The increasing community of Mosaic users enable world’s most active security metrics community.

Share your best metrics with your peers, upping their game and gather feedback. Perfect your metrics while building yourself a trusted network of peers.

Coming soon in late 2024.


Collecting, analyzing, and sharing security metrics is easy, accessible, and efficient.

Community Engagement:

Foster a culture of shared knowledge and collaborative security advancements through a metrics exchange platform.

Informed Decision-Making

Equip organizations with data-driven insights for better security decisions, building a more secure digital landscape.

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What is the Mosaic Platform and how can it transform my data management?

Empower your team with over 50 customizable dashboards and insightful data visualizations using a wide range of widgets.  Set automated alerts for critical metrics to stay ahead of potential security issues.


Metric Mosaic provides the insights you need to make informed security decisions and build a stronger digital defense.

How does the Metrics Exchange enhance community collaboration?

Launching in late 2024, Metrics Exchange is a groundbreaking platform designed to inspire collaboration and elevate security insights. Share, download, and get inspired by the metrics your peers track within the world's most active security metrics community. This platform fosters the exchange of best practices, peer feedback, and metric refinement, helping you build a trusted network and achieve superior security strategies.

How does Metric Mosaic contribute to a more secure digital future?

Metric Mosaic champions a secure future through data-driven insights. Simplifying security metric collection, analysis, and sharing fosters a collaborative community. This empowers organizations to make informed decisions, shaping a more secure digital landscape.